Hi, I’m Kudzai

I’m a Webmaster,

Digital Marketer

& Computer Hardware Technician

based in Harare, zimbabwe

Custom Websites Brand Marketing  With An Expert

Website Design

Elegant designs that are responsive made from easy to manage software. stay in touch with the world and let your brand sell through digital

Digital Marketing

lets develop a website and make a huge impact and profits through markerting. I will make your brand sell more on Digital through making your site or social media accounts visible to your targert market.

Computer hardware

I build work and personal computers that are custom they match the use and budget, dont just get a machine get a good one. I also do upgrades and repeirs for your computers.

I Offer High Quality and Custom Services From

From designer workstation, office P.C.s, gaming and video editing computers I will build and upgrade your systems at affordable prices and bring you the satisfaction desired in using a computer to fulfill your desires.

Do you need a personalised P.C. or you need an upgrade? I am the right guy for the job. Hit the appointment button and lets talk

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12 Trent road, Avonlea, Harare

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